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B Trees Indexing MCQ with Answers PDF

B Trees Indexing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), B Trees Indexing quiz answers PDF with database management system live worksheets for online degrees. Solve file indexing structures Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), B Trees Indexing quiz questions for top computer science schools in the world. B Trees Indexing Interview Questions: types of indexes, multilevel indexes, single level order indexes test prep for top online computer science programs.

"The special node in the tree structure which has many child nodes and one parent node is called" MCQ PDF on b trees indexing with choices descendant nodes, root node, leaf node, and search node for top computer science schools in the world. Solve b trees indexing quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online computer science engineering.

MCQs on B Trees Indexing Quiz

MCQ: The special node in the tree structure which has many child nodes and one parent node is called

descendant nodes
root node
leaf node
search node

MCQ: The tree structure diagram in which the pointers of data are stored at the leaf nodes of diagram is classified as

b tree
b+ tree
b2 tree
B* tree

MCQ: In tree structure, the node which is free of child nodes is called

descendant nodes
root node
leaf node
search node

MCQ: The search value which is present on each node in search tree diagram of order 'p' is as

p - 1
p - 2
p + 1
p + 2

MCQ: In tree structure diagrams, the non leaf node is called

search node
descendant nodes
external node
internal node

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