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Learn DBMS Worksheet quiz questions and answers, dbms worksheet MCQ with answers PDF 7 to learn Database Systems online course. Database System Architectures trivia questions, DBMS Worksheet Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "DBMS Worksheet Quiz" PDF Book: raid, concurrency control in dbms, java database connectivity (jdbc), introduction to dbms, dbms worksheet test prep for computer science programs.

"A scheme determining which languages can be represented in a database is called its" MCQ PDF: data set, type set, character set, and object set for computer science associate degree. Study database system architectures questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for information and communication technology.

Quiz on DBMS Worksheet MCQs

MCQ: A scheme determining which languages can be represented in a database is called its

Type set
Data set
Character set
Object set

MCQ: SQL uses the keyword UPDATE that means


MCQ: To execute a statement, we invoke the method

executeUpdate method
executeRel method
executeStmt method
executeConn method

MCQ: A server process handling requests for a single client process is the responsibility of

Dedicated channel
Dedicated transaction
Dedicated server
Dedicated system

MCQ: An approach to introduce redundancy is to duplicate every disk, the process is known as