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The Book ICMP Protocol Quiz Questions, icmp protocol MCQ with answers PDF chapter 16-310 to learn online courses, computer networks tests. Practice Network Layer Address Mapping, Error Reporting and Multicasting trivia questions, icmp protocol Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook ICMP Protocol Quiz App Download: icmp protocol, baseband layer, user datagram protocol, switch structure, bluetooth piconet test prep for online software development courses.

The Quiz: A section in error messages that carries information for finding the original packet that had the error, is PDF, "ICMP Protocol" App Download (Free) with data section, data frame, message section, and error message segment choices for online computer science and engineering. Solve network layer address mapping, error reporting and multicasting questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample to learn free online courses.

Computer Networks: ICMP Protocol Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: A section in error messages that carries information for finding the original packet that had the error, is

A) data frame
B) data section
C) message section
D) error message segment

MCQ: The maximum size of payload field in the baseband layer is

A) 2244 bits
B) 2664 bits
C) 2774 bits
D) 2884 bits

MCQ: The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is stored in an IP datagram with a total length of

A) 65,505 bytes
B) 65,515 bytes
C) 65,525 bytes
D) 65,535 bytes

MCQ: The port that performs the physical and data link functions of the packet switch is called

A) input port
B) output port
C) routing port
D) switching fabric

MCQ: Multiple piconets form a network called a

A) small area
B) scatter net
C) network allocation vector
D) gadgets

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