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Transmission Media Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBooks - 119

Practice Transmission Media quiz questions, transmission media multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare networking exam worksheet 119 for online certificate programs. Practice "Transmission Media" quiz with answers, transmission media Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online university degrees. Free transmission media MCQs, frequency division multiple access, cellular telephony, audio and video compression, star topology, transmission media test prep for BSc computer science.

"Which one of the following is Unguided medium?", transmission media Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices coaxial cable, twisted pair cable, fiber optic cable, and free space for free online classes. Learn transmission media questions and answers with free online certification courses for online computer science schools.

Transmission Media Questions and Answers PDF Download eBooks

Transmission Media Quiz

MCQ: Which one of the following is Unguided medium?

  1. twisted pair cable
  2. coaxial cable
  3. fiber optic cable
  4. free space


Star Topology Quiz

MCQ: In star topology, if the central hub goes down, it affects

  1. one node
  2. no node
  3. whole system
  4. don't know


Audio and Video Compression Quiz

MCQ: We can divide audio and video services into

  1. 1 broad categories
  2. 2 broad categories
  3. 3 broad categories
  4. 4 broad categories


Cellular Telephony Quiz

MCQ: In Interim Standard 95 (IS-95), each channel produces data at a rate of

  1. 9.2 Kbps
  2. 9.4 Kbps
  3. 9.6 Kbps
  4. 9.8 kbs


Frequency Division Multiple Access Quiz

MCQ: In Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA), each band is reserved for a specific

  1. signal
  2. station
  3. bandwidth
  4. data