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Network Congestion MCQ with Answers PDF

Network Congestion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Network Congestion quiz answers PDF with computer networks career tests for online courses. Practice congestion control and quality of service Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Network Congestion quiz questions for associates in computer science. Network Congestion MCQ PDF: network congestion, congestion control, networking basics test prep for computer information science.

"In congestion, CBR stands for" MCQ PDF on network congestion with choices control bit rate, constant bit rate, constant byte rate, and congestion byte rate for associates in computer science. Practice network congestion quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for free online classes.

MCQs on Network Congestion Quiz

MCQ: In congestion, CBR stands for

Control Bit Rate
Constant Bit Rate
Constant Byte Rate
Congestion Byte Rate

MCQ: The Average Data Rate (ADR), is a useful characteristic of

average packet

MCQ: The mechanisms and techniques to control the congestion and keep the load below the capacity is known as

congestion control
data relay
source relay
IP relay

MCQ: In congestion, traffic descriptors are qualitative values that represent a

data protocol
data flow
data congestion
data traffic

MCQ: The main focus point in congestion control and Quality of Services is

data protocol
data layer
data flow
data traffic

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