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Application Software Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 214

Application Software quiz questions and answers, application software MCQ with answers PDF 214 to solve Computer Basics mock tests for online college programs. Learn Application Softwares trivia questions, application software Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Application Software Quiz PDF: history of internet, optical input devices, window desktop elements, windows xp, application software test prep for best online schools for computer science.

"Which of the following is PIM software?" MCQ PDF with choices microsoft outlook, microsoft word, microsoft excel, and microsoft powerpoint for CS major. Practice application softwares questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for applied computer science.

Quiz on Application Software MCQs

MCQ: Which of the following is PIM software?

Microsoft word
Microsoft outlook
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint

MCQ: Windows 95 was the first version of Windows to support which standard for connecting new hardware

Plug and Play
Enterprise Directory

MCQ: Element used to manage computer files & folders is

control panel
window accessories
window explorer
internet explorer

MCQ: Rate at which scanning is repeated in a CRT is called

refresh rate

MCQ: The internet was originally a project of


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