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Spreadsheet Programs Basics Quiz Answers PDF Download - 102

The Book Spreadsheet Programs Basics Quiz Questions and Answers, spreadsheet programs basics MCQ questions PDF chapter 16-102 to download online courses, computer basics tests. Solve Spreadsheet Programs MCQ questions, Spreadsheet Programs Basics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Spreadsheet Programs Basics MCQs App Download: microcomputer processor, it revolution, internet addresses, optical character recognition devices, spreadsheet programs basics test prep for information and communication technology.

The MCQ Quiz: Vertical dimension of a computer spreadsheet is called PDF, "Spreadsheet Programs Basics" App APK Download with record, field, row, and column choices for online degrees. Study spreadsheet programs questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for associates in computer science.

Trivia Quiz: Spreadsheet Programs Basics MCQs

MCQ: Vertical dimension of a computer spreadsheet is called

A) field
B) record
C) row
D) column

MCQ: The OCR is used for the preparation of

A) electricity bills
B) insurance premium
C) telephone bills
D) all of these

MCQ: Portion of the computer URL which is the domain name is

B) www
C) http
D) ://

MCQ: Computer that uses microprocessor as its central processing unit is known as

A) personal computer
B) micro computer
C) mini computer
D) both A and B

MCQ: 8085 microprocessor has pins

A) 30
B) 39
C) 40
D) 49

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