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Disk Operating System (DOS) MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The Book Disk Operating System (DOS) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Disk Operating System (DOS) quiz answers PDF to study online courses, computer basics tests. Practice Operating Systems Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Disk Operating System (DOS) quiz questions for top online computer science programs. The eBook Disk Operating System (DOS) MCQ App Download: operating system structure, dos history, windows xp test prep for master's degree in computer science.

The MCQ: The startup routine runs, when machine boots up is known as PDF, "Disk Operating System (DOS) MCQ" App Download (Free) with post, boot up, operating routine, and i/o operation choices for top online computer science programs. Study disk operating system (dos) quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for BSc computer science.

Computer Basics: Disk Operating System (DOS) MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: The startup routine runs, when machine boots up is known as

B) BOOT up
C) operating routine
D) I/O operation

MCQ: Maximum length of DOS command using any optional parameter is

A) 26 characters
B) 87 characters
C) 127 characters
D) 130 characters

MCQ: Xcopy command can copy

A) individual files or group of files
B) directories including subdirectories
C) diskette of different capacity
D) all of these

MCQ: Operating system is also known as

A) database
B) system software
C) hardware
D) printer

MCQ: DOS system file consists of


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