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Computer Memory Devices Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Computer Memory Devices quiz answers PDF with computer basics live worksheets for online degrees. Solve basics of information technology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Computer Memory Devices quiz questions for online software development courses. Computer Memory Devices Interview Questions: character recognition devices, computer memory, static and dynamic memory devices, cathode ray tube test prep for online computer science schools.

"Group of bits in a memory which is used to represent information or data of some type is known as" MCQ PDF on computer: memory devices with choices byte, memory word, sram, and prom for online software development courses. Solve computer memory devices quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for computer software engineer.

MCQs on Computer Memory Devices Quiz

MCQ: Group of bits in a memory which is used to represent information or data of some type is known as

memory word

MCQ: Memory word size in modern computers typically ranges from

4 to 64 bits
8 to 40 bits
5 to 50 bits
3 to 36 bits

MCQ: In computer, volatile and non-volatile are two types of

storage device
optical device
floppy disk

MCQ: In computer, device or electrical circuit which is used to store a single bit is known as

memory word
memory cell

MCQ: Component of computer which is used to store instructions and data is called

storage device
hard disk

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