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Practice Operating Systems Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Operating Systems quiz answers PDF to learn c++ online course for c++ classes. Introduction to Programming Languages Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Operating Systems quiz questions to learn free online courses. "Operating Systems MCQ" PDF Book: java script programming language, structured programming, unified modeling language, assembly language test prep for bachelor's degree in computer science.

"Mobile operating system is" MCQ PDF: operating systems with choices linux, windows 10, mac os x, and black berry os to learn free online courses. Learn operating systems quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for computer science programs.

MCQs on Operating Systems Quiz

MCQ: Mobile operating system is

Windows 10
Mac OS X
Black berry OS

MCQ: Systems that make computers more convenient to use by users, application developers and system administrators etc. is termed as

control system
model system
operating system
maintenance system

MCQ: Desktop operating system includes

Apple's IOS
Google's Android
Mac OS X
Black berry OS

MCQ: Software which have core components of operating system is called