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Management Accounting Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 180

Management Accounting interview questions and answers, management accounting trivia questions PDF 180 to practice Cost Accounting exam questions for online classes. Practice Direct Cost Variances and Management Control MCQ questions, management accounting Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Management Accounting Interview Questions: net realizable value method, economic value added, strategic decisions, flexible budget: cost accounting, management accounting test prep for online BBA business administration.

"In management control, the point of reference for making the comparisons of performance is" MCQ PDF with choices merchandise performance, focused performance, distribution performance, and expected performance for online bachelor degree programs in business administration. Learn direct cost variances and management control questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online college courses for business management.

Trivia Quiz on Management Accounting MCQs

MCQ: In management control, the point of reference for making the comparisons of performance is

focused performance
merchandise performance
distribution performance
expected performance

MCQ: If the number of units are 3000 and the per unit price is $500, then the flexible budget variable will be


MCQ: In value chain analysis, the delivery of services or products to end customers is classified as

resource research
market research

MCQ: The sum of working capital and current liabilities is equal to

imputed assets
residual assets
current assets
nominal assets

MCQ: The net realizable value is added into separate costs to calculate

split off costs
final cost of direct labor
final sales
final costs

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