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Regression Line Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Regression Line quiz questions and answers, regression line MCQs with answers PDF 58 to practice accounting mock tests for online graduate programs. Practice "Cost Function and Behavior" quiz questions with answers, regression line Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online accounting degree. Free regression line MCQs, budgets and budgeting cycle, throughput costing, building block concepts of costing systems, efficiency variance in accounting, regression line test prep for online bachelor's degree in administration.

"The percentage of variation in the 'Y' explained by the 'X' is measured by", regression line Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices coefficient of prediction, coefficient of residual, coefficient of determination, and coefficient of index for business administration bachelor degree online. Learn cost function and behavior questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online business administration degree. Regression Line Video

Quiz on Regression Line PDF Download eBook

Regression Line Quiz

MCQ: The percentage of variation in the 'Y' explained by the 'X' is measured by

  1. coefficient of residual
  2. coefficient of prediction
  3. coefficient of determination
  4. coefficient of index


Efficiency Variance in Accounting Quiz

MCQ: An efficiency variance is 200 units and the actual input quantity is 500 units, then the budgeted input quantity will be

  1. 300 units
  2. 700 units
  3. 800 units
  4. 500 units


Building Block Concepts of Costing Systems Quiz

MCQ: If an overhead cost of operating a machine is $500000 for 1000 hours, then the cost allocation rate will be

  1. $1500 per machine hour
  2. $250 per machine hour
  3. $500 per machine hour
  4. $1000 per machine hour


Throughput Costing Quiz

MCQ: Another name of super-variable costing is

  1. throughput costing
  2. unit costing
  3. batch costing
  4. manufacturing costing


Budgets and Budgeting Cycle Quiz

MCQ: If the budget sales units are 5000, the ending inventory is 4000 units and the beginning inventory is 1000, then the budget production will be

  1. 4000 units
  2. 5000 units
  3. 8000 units
  4. 10000 units