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MBA Cost Accounting Tests

Economic Value Added MCQ Quiz PDF Download

The Book Economic Value Added Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF, Economic Value Added MCQs download to study online mba cost accounting courses. Practice Performance Measurement, Compensation and Multinational Considerations Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Economic Value Added quiz answers PDF for online business administration and management degree. The eBook Economic Value Added MCQ App Download: financial and nonfinancial performance measures, economic value added, performance measure: strategy and levels, residual income test prep for accredited online schools for business management.

The MCQ: Current assets are subtracted from current liabilities to calculate PDF, Economic Value Added App Download (Free) with opportunity cost of capital, working capital, total long term assets, and weighted average cost of capital choices for online business administration and management degree. Study economic value added quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for bachelor's degree in business.

Accounting: Economic Value Added MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: Current assets are subtracted from current liabilities to calculate

A) opportunity cost of capital
B) working capital
C) total long term assets
D) weighted average cost of capital

MCQ: If the current assets are $250000 and the current liabilities are $135500, then the working capital would be

A) $3,855,500
B) $314,500
C) $214,500
D) $114,500

MCQ: If the operating income is $5650000 and the revenue is $68558000, then the return on sales will be

A) 8.24%
B) 7.24%
C) 9.24%
D) 10.24%

MCQ: The difference of current assets and the working capital is equal to

A) current liabilities
B) long-term liabilities
C) residual assets value
D) net residual income

MCQ: An operating income is divided by the revenues to calculate

A) residual income
B) return on after-tax operating income
C) return on sales
D) return on investment

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