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Cost Estimation Functions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Cost Estimation Functions quiz answers PDF with cost accounting career tests for online courses. Practice cost function and behavior Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Cost Estimation Functions quiz questions for online business administration degree. Cost Estimation Functions Interview Questions: curves and nonlinear cost function, cost estimation functions, estimating cost functions test prep for online degrees.

"The relationship based on unrelated level of activity and past data of cost is measured with the help of" MCQ PDF on cost estimation functions with choices cost estimation, price estimation, unit estimation, and production estimation for online business administration degree. Practice cost estimation functions quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for accredited online schools for business management.

MCQs on Cost Estimation Functions Quiz

MCQ: The relationship based on unrelated level of activity and past data of cost is measured with the help of

cost estimation
price estimation
unit estimation
production estimation

MCQ: The slope coefficient of cost function is zero because it intersects the

x-axis at one
y-axis at constant
x-axis at constant
y-axis at one

MCQ: In plotting the cost functions, the number of machine hours and batches are represented on

unit axis
term axis

MCQ: In estimation of cost functions, the variations in a single activity level represents the

related total costs
related fixed cost
related variable cost
related per unit cost

MCQ: The cost that has elements of variable and fixed costs at the same time is

variable cost
mixed cost
semi variable cost
Both B and C

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