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Diffusion and Effusion Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 71

Solve Diffusion and Effusion multiple choice questions and answers, diffusion and effusion quiz answers PDF 71 to learn College Chemistry course for college certification. Learn Gases MCQ trivia questions, diffusion and effusion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Diffusion and Effusion MCQ PDF: crystals and classification, neutron properties, ionization energy periodic table, ionization energies, diffusion and effusion test prep to learn online certificate courses.

"The collisions of gas molecules help to change", diffusion and effusion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices direction, surface area, area, and unit pressure for SAT subject tests. Solve gases questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for ACT practice test.

Diffusion & Effusion Questions and Answers MCQs


The collisions of gas molecules help to change

surface area
unit pressure


The electron affinity of sodium atom is



The force of which ultimately results in difficult removal of the electron is

attraction force
repulsive force
electric force
nuclear force


Fast neutrons have energy which is more than



Hexagonal crystals are formed by


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