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Principles of Measurement Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 8

Principles of Measurement quiz questions, principles of measurement multiple choice questions and answers PDF 8 to learn statistics course for online certification. Practice "Introduction to Statistics" quiz with answers, principles of measurement Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice statistics test with answers for online university degrees. Free principles of measurement MCQs, interquartile range of deviation, binomial distribution, multiplication rules of probability, data tables and types, principles of measurement test prep for online BS business administration.

"The measure of how well is a technique, concept or process is considered as", principles of measurement Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices goodness of variables, continuity of variables, validity, and reliability for accredited online business management degree. Learn introduction to statistics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online master's degree in business management.

Principles of Measurement Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Principles of Measurement Quiz

MCQ: The measure of how well is a technique, concept or process is considered as

  1. continuity of variables
  2. goodness of variables
  3. validity
  4. reliability


Data Tables and Types Quiz

MCQ: In stem and leaf display diagrams used in exploratory analysis, the stems are considered as

  1. central digits
  2. trailing digits
  3. leading digits
  4. dispersed digits


Multiplication Rules of Probability Quiz

MCQ: The joint probability of the independent events J and K is equal to

  1. P(J) * P(K)
  2. P(J) + P(K)
  3. P(J) * P(K) + P(J-K)
  4. P(J) * P(K) - P(J * K)


Binomial Distribution Quiz

MCQ: In binomial distribution, the formula of calculating standard deviation is

  1. square root of p
  2. square root of pq
  3. square root of npq
  4. square root of np


Interquartile Range of Deviation Quiz

MCQ: The variability which is defined as the difference between third and first quartile is considered as

  1. quartile range
  2. deciles range
  3. percentile range
  4. inter quartile range