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The Book Relative Measure of Skewness Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) PDF, relative measure of skewness MCQs, download chapter 9-6 to study online bba business statistics course. Study Skewness, Kurtosis and Moments quiz answers PDF, relative measure of skewness Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Relative Measure of Skewness MCQs App Download: relative measure of skewness, calculating moments, interquartile range of deviation, standard normal probability distribution, types of events test prep to learn online certificate courses.

The MCQs: If the first quartile and third quartile are as 32 and 35 respectively with the median of 20 then distribution is skewed to PDF, Relative Measure of Skewness App (Android & iOS) Free with upper tail, lower tail, close end tail, and open end tail choices for online bachelor's degree in business management. Practice skewness, kurtosis and moments questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for online business degree.

Statistics: Relative Measure of Skewness MCQ Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: If the first quartile and third quartile are as 32 and 35 respectively with the median of 20 then distribution is skewed to

A) lower tail
B) upper tail
C) close end tail
D) open end tail

MCQ: If the beta one is 9, beta two is 11 then coefficient of skewness is

A) 0.589
B) 0.689
C) 0.489
D) 0.889

MCQ: If the value of first quartile is 49 and the value of third quartile is 60 then value of inter quartile range is

A) 21
B) 31
C) 11
D) 41

MCQ: The formula to calculate standardized normal random variable is

A) x - μ ⁄ σ
B) x + μ ⁄ σ
C) x - σ ⁄ μ
D) x + σ ⁄ μ

MCQ: In probability theories, the events which can never occur together are classified as

A) collectively exclusive events
B) mutually exhaustive events
C) mutually exclusive events
D) collectively exhaustive events

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