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Specialization and Division of Labor MCQ Questions and Answers PDF p. 24

Specialization and Division of Labor MCQ questions and answers, specialization and division of labor worksheets with answers PDF 24 to practice Business Commerce exam questions for online classes. Practice Commercial World MCQ questions, specialization and division of labor Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Specialization and Division of Labor Quizzes PDF: changing structure of retail trade, consumer credit act 1948, consumer credit act 1951, pattern of distribution, specialization and division of labor test prep for online bachelor degree programs in business administration.

"Which one is not the input factor of production?" MCQ PDF with choices electricity, land, labor, and enterprise for online college courses for business management. Learn commercial world questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online BBA business administration.

Trivia Quiz on Specialization and Division of Labor MCQs

MCQ: Which one is not the input factor of production?


MCQ: Retailer purchases goods directly from


MCQ: Full amount must be paid for termination if the goods are

under hire purchase agreement
under credit sale agreement
under consumer credit agreement
under retain possession of goods agreement

MCQ: APR in consumer credit act 1947 is the abbreviation of

annual price rate
annual percentage rate
annual profit ratio
annual premium rate

MCQ: The stipulated retail price at which the goods must be sold, is known as

resale price maintaince
renewal of price
stipulated price

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