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E/M Experiment Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 70

E/M Experiment quiz questions and answers, e/m experiment MCQ with answers PDF 70 to study Applied Physics course online. Electromagnetism trivia questions, e/m experiment Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "E/M Experiment Book" PDF: electron volt, physics numericals, ohms law, solving physics problem, e/m experiment test prep for best SAT prep courses online.

"A charged particle will move through region getting undeflected if" MCQ PDF: v = be, v = b/e, v = e/b, and v = b + e for online college bachelor degree. Practice electromagnetism questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for two year degree programs.

Quiz on E/M Experiment MCQs

MCQ: A charged particle will move through region getting undeflected if

v = B/E
v = BE
v = E/B
v = B + E

MCQ: Cross-sectional area of the water hose having radius of 0.2 m is


MCQ: Devices that do not obey Ohm's law are called

ohmic devices
non-ohmic devices
electric devices
resistive devices

MCQ: If body accelerates from rest to angular velocity of 45 revolutions/min in a time of 1.6 seconds, its angular acceleration will be

6.6 × 10-9 rad
6 × 10-9 rad
7.6 × 10-9 rad
8 × 10-9 rad

MCQ: Value of 1 eV is equivalent to the value of

1.8 × 10-19 J
1.9 × 10-19 J
1.6 × 10-19 J
2.1 × 10-19 J