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Quadratic Functions Characteristics Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 52

Practice Quadratic Functions Characteristics quiz questions and answers, quadratic functions characteristics MCQs with answers PDF to solve applied math worksheet 52 for online graduate programs. Practice "Quadratic and Polynomial Functions" quiz questions with answers, quadratic functions characteristics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve mathematics test with answers for online business degree. Free quadratic functions characteristics MCQs, graphing linear functions, graphic solutions, break even analysis calculations, how to do with linear equations, quadratic functions characteristics test prep for online classes for bachelor's degree in business administration.

"The x coordinate of vertex is", quadratic functions characteristics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices b⁄2a, −b⁄2a, −2a⁄b, and 2a⁄b for online schools for business degrees. Practice quadratic and polynomial functions questions and answers with free online certification courses for business management classes online.

Quiz on Quadratic Functions Characteristics PDF Download eBook

Quadratic Functions Characteristics Quiz

MCQ: The x coordinate of vertex is

  1. −b⁄2a
  2. b⁄2a
  3. −2a⁄b
  4. 2a⁄b


How to Do with Linear Equations Quiz

MCQ: The straight line with vertical lines exception is characterized with the help of

  1. slope
  2. ordinates
  3. coordinates
  4. integers


Break Even Analysis Calculations Quiz

MCQ: The fixed cost is $150,000 USD and break-even point is 7500 units then contribution to fixed cost and profit is

  1. $40
  2. $10
  3. $20
  4. $30


Graphic Solutions Quiz

MCQ: The one subset which satisfies the equality part of equation is graphically represented by

  1. straight line
  2. shaded area around straight line
  3. domain area of y intercept
  4. range area of x intercept


Graphing Linear Functions Quiz

MCQ: In the graph of function demanded quantity = ƒ(price per unit), the variable which is to be plotted on the y-intercept is

  1. competitors' price
  2. independent price
  3. quantity demanded
  4. quantity priced