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Electrical Potential Quiz Questions PDF Download - 97

Learn Electrical Potential quiz questions, electrical potential MCQ with answers PDF, test 97 to learn A Level Physics online course. AS Level Physics trivia questions, electrical potential Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. Electrical Potential Book PDF: ideal gas equation, electric power, explosions and crash landings, electric field concept, electrical potential test prep for colleges that offer online courses.

"Graph of potential energy against distance is" Quiz PDF: electrical potential App APK with parabolic, curve, hyperbolic, and straight line choices for schools that offer certificate programs. Study as level physics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for schools that offer online bachelor degrees.

Quiz on Electrical Potential MCQs

MCQ: Graph of potential energy against distance is

straight line

MCQ: At all the points the uniform fields have

different strength
same strength
zero strength
infinite strength

MCQ: In fireworks the momentum provided by chemicals is directed

left side
right side

MCQ: Grid cables are 15 km long with a resistance of 0.20 Ω km-1, powers wasted as heat in these cables are

50 kW
60 kW
20 kW
30 kW

MCQ: Number of moles in 1.6 kg of oxygen is

30 mol
50 mol
40 mol
60 mol