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Acceleration Calculations Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 129

The e-Book Acceleration Calculations Quiz Questions, acceleration calculations quiz answers PDF download, chapter 6-129 to study free igcse physics online courses. Practice Circular Motion in Physics MCQ with answers PDF, acceleration calculations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Acceleration Calculations Quiz App Download: Free learning app for acceleration calculations, young modulus, orders of magnitude, atom model, inverting amplifier in electronics test prep for online schools that offer certificate programs.

The Quiz: Velocity required by an object to orbit around Earth is; "Acceleration Calculations" App Download (Free) with answers 7 kms-1, 9 kms-1, 8 kms-1 and 10 kms-1 to learn IGCSE GCE certificate courses. Solve circular motion in physics questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for best two year degrees.

Acceleration Calculations Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 129

MCQ 641: Velocity required by an object to orbit around Earth is

A) 9 kms-1
B) 7 kms-1
C) 8 kms-1
D) 10 kms-1

MCQ 642: Dimensions of Young's modulus are

A) [M]-1 [L]-1 [T]-2
B) [M]-1 [L]-2 [T]-2
C) [M] [L]-2 [T]-2
D) [M] [L]-1 [T]-2

MCQ 643: Ranges of waves which overlap are

A) x-rays and gamma rays
B) x-rays and infrared rays
C) gamma rays and infrared rays
D) UV rays and infrared rays

MCQ 644: Density of proton is equal to density of

A) electron
B) atom
C) neutron
D) neutrino

MCQ 645: In an inverting amplifier the non-inverting input (+) is connected to

A) 1 V line
B) 0 V line
C) 2 V line
D) 3 V line

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Acceleration Calculations App (Android & iOS)

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