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Physics: Power Quiz Questions Online p. 10

Learn Physics Power quiz questions and answers, physics power MCQ with answers PDF 10 to study A Level Physics course online. Work, Energy and Power trivia questions, physics power Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Physics: Power Quiz" PDF Book: current equation, shm graphics representation, magnetic, electric and gravitational fields, viscosity and friction, physics: power test prep for best accredited online colleges.

"Average power of all activities of our body is" MCQ PDF: 113 w, 111 w, 116 w, and 120 w for best accredited online colleges. Study work, energy and power questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for colleges offering online degree programs.

Quiz on Physics: Power MCQs

MCQ: Average power of all activities of our body is

111 W
113 W
116 W
120 W

MCQ: Kinetic friction is always

lesser than static friction
greater than static friction
equal to static friction
equal to contact force

MCQ: Gravitational potential is always


MCQ: Displacement-time graph depicting an oscillatory motion is

cos curve
sine curve
tangent curve
straight line

MCQ: Rate of flow of electric charge is

electric current
conventional current only
electronic current only
potential difference