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Learn Buffer Solutions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Buffer Solutions quiz answers PDF to study a level chemistry online course for a level chemistry classes. Ionic Equilibria Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Buffer Solutions quiz questions for online bachelor degree programs. "Buffer Solutions MCQ" PDF Book: weak acids, ph calculations, indicators and acid base titrations, buffer solutions test prep for ACT test.

"The pH of the buffer solution depends upon the concentration of" MCQ PDF: buffer solutions with choices acid (h+-) only, conjugate base (-oh-) only, salt, and acid (h+-) and conjugate base (-oh-) for online bachelor degree programs. Study buffer solutions quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for SAT test prep classes.

MCQs on Buffer Solutions Quiz

MCQ: The pH of the buffer solution depends upon the concentration of

acid (H+-) only
conjugate base (-OH-) only
acid (H+-) and conjugate base (-OH-)

MCQ: pH can be kept constant with the help of

saturated solution
unsaturated solution
buffer solution
super saturated solution

MCQ: The buffers present in the blood contain

all of above

MCQ: The enzyme (carbonic anhydrase) is used in

aerobic respiration
anaerobic respiration

MCQ: One of the best catalysts which increase the rate of reaction by million times is

carbolic anhydrase
carbonic anhydrase
carbolic hydrase
carbonic hydrase