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Writing Questions and Answers PDF Download 54

Writing trivia questions and answers, writing quiz answers PDF 54 to practice technical writing exam questions for online classes. Practice "Producing Product" trivia questions and answers, writing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for technical writing. Free writing MCQs, writing technical descriptions, prewriting, 21st-century business management philosophies, writing newsletters, writing test prep for online degree programs.

"In order to get audience attention, the document must be;", writing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices organized, precise, unambiguous, and clear for online university courses.

Trivia Quiz on Writing PDF Download 54

Writing Quiz

MCQ: In order to get audience attention, document must be;

  1. precise
  2. organized
  3. unambiguous
  4. clear


Writing Newsletters Quiz

MCQ: Title of newsletter is given by;

  1. headlines
  2. pop-up quotes
  3. flag
  4. generators tool


21st-Century Business Management Philosophies Quiz

MCQ: A business methodology that focuses on root cause analysis, known to be as:

  1. Total quality management
  2. Human performance improvement
  3. Six-Sigma methodology
  4. methodological improvement


PreWriting Quiz

MCQ: Justification of reasoning behind communication, defined as:

  1. determining goals
  2. examining the purpose
  3. communicating to persuade
  4. communicating to influence others


Writing Technical Descriptions Quiz

MCQ: Most effective pre-writing technique for technical description, known as:

  1. storyboarding
  2. flowcharting
  3. brainstorming
  4. skimming