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Importance of Internet MCQ with Answers PDF Download - 53

Solve Importance of Internet multiple choice questions and answers PDF, importance of internet quiz answers PDF to learn technical writing worksheet 53 for online past papers exam. Practice "Online Help and Websites Quiz" with answers, importance of internet Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for technical writing. Free importance of internet MCQs, report writing, conciseness, resume, summary writing, importance of internet test prep to learn online certificate courses.

"A company's or organization's internal web is called:", importance of internet Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices extranet, internet, giant net, and all of above for online graduate programs.

Importance of Internet PDF Download 53

Importance of Internet Quiz

MCQ: A company's or organization's internal web is called:

  1. internet
  2. extranet
  3. giant net
  4. All of above


Summary Writing Quiz

MCQ: Writing step for achieving reader friendly summary, involved in;

  1. locating the article
  2. referencing
  3. writing the rough draft
  4. revisions


Resume Quiz

MCQ: Employment details must be in the;

  1. chronological order
  2. sequential order
  3. random order
  4. All of above


Conciseness Quiz

MCQ: Concise word, "make revisions" defined as;

  1. visited
  2. revisited
  3. revision
  4. All of above


Report Writing Quiz

MCQ: Report on security based of yesterday's theft is an example of;

  1. feasibility/recommendation report
  2. investigative report
  3. incident report
  4. official report