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Memos MCQ with Answers PDF Download - 59

Solve Memos multiple choice questions and answers PDF, memos quiz answers PDF to learn technical writing worksheet 59 for online past papers exam. Practice "Memos and E-mail Quiz" with answers, memos Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for technical writing. Free memos MCQs, technical writing, resume, summary writing, prewriting, memos test prep for online schools that offer certificate programs.

"The speed or delivery time of memo, counted in;", memos Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices minutes to hours, seconds to minutes, days to weeks, and all of above for accredited distance learning universities.

Memos PDF Download 59

Memos Quiz

MCQ: Speed or delivery time of memo, counted in;

  1. seconds to minutes
  2. minutes to hours
  3. days to weeks
  4. All of above


PreWriting Quiz

MCQ: If writing aim is being engaged in making audience agreed with writer's point of view, such communication is known as:

  1. communicating to instruct
  2. communicating to persuade
  3. communicating to inform
  4. communicating to predict


Summary Writing Quiz

MCQ: Summary of an effective technical document, excluded;

  1. definitions
  2. main idea
  3. introduction sentence
  4. title


Resume Quiz

MCQ: Most appropriate e-mail example for a professional e-mail address, exemplified as:



Technical Writing Quiz

MCQ: A technical writing forum, describing, declaring and make awareness, while using website based dropdown menus and pop-ups, recognized as:

  1. resume
  2. online help screens
  3. flyers
  4. All of above