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Framing Frame Analysis Quiz Questions Online p. 286

Learn Framing Frame Analysis quiz questions and answers, framing frame analysis MCQ with answers PDF 286 to learn Sociology online course. Social Movement and Social Change trivia questions, Framing Frame Analysis Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Framing Frame Analysis Quiz" PDF Book: theoretical perspectives on urbanization, key terms, functionalism, children of divorce and remarriage, framing frame analysis test prep for online undergraduate degree.

"Where the problem is stated in a clear and understood way is called?" MCQ PDF: diagnostic framing, motivational framing, prognostic framing, and social framing for accredited online degree programs. Study social movement and social change questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online college courses.

Quiz on Framing Frame Analysis MCQs

MCQ: Where the problem is stated in a clear and understood way is called?

Motivational framing
Diagnostic framing
Prognostic framing
Social framing

MCQ: Divorce' and 'marriage' can be stressful on

A and B

MCQ: Kinds of functions in education are

Manifest function
Latent function

MCQ: A group of people gathered in an 'unplanned activity' that lasts a 'limited amount of time' is

Market mobs
Random act of culture
Flash mob
Flash politics

MCQ: Functional perspective' on urbanization focus on

Human ecology
Ecology of the city
Urban ecology
Rural ecology