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Experimental Techniques Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook p. 101

Experimental Techniques quiz questions, experimental techniques multiple choice questions and answers PDF 101 to prep SAT chemistry course for online certification. College board SAT preparation with "Laboratory" quiz with answers, experimental techniques Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice chemistry test with answers. Free experimental techniques MCQs, specific heats, enthalpy (heat) changes associated with phase changes, experimental techniques test prep for free career quiz.

"The word chromatography has been derived from", experimental techniques Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices greek, latin, german, and english for free career quiz. Practice online laboratory questions and answers to improve problem solving skills.

Experimental Techniques Questions and Answers PDF Download 101

Experimental Techniques Quiz

MCQ: The word chromatography has been derived from

  1. Latin
  2. Greek
  3. German
  4. English


Enthalpy (heat) Changes associated with Phase Changes Quiz

MCQ: The heat capacity is related to the temperature by the formula

  1. q = C x ?T
  2. q = s x ?T
  3. q = ?s x T
  4. q= s x t


Experimental Techniques Quiz

MCQ: This technique is used for detecting pesticide or insecticide residues in food

  1. Liquid chromatography
  2. Gas chromatography
  3. Thin-layer chromatography
  4. Paper chromatography


Specific Heats Quiz

MCQ: It is a property related to internal energy that is very important in thermodynamics.

  1. Specific rate constant
  2. Specific heat
  3. Entropy
  4. Enthalpy


Measurements Quiz

MCQ: Least accurate instrument for measuring volume is

  1. Cylinders
  2. Volumetric flasks
  3. Beakers
  4. Pipettes