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Particles of Matter Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 3

Particles of Matter quiz questions and answers, Particles of Matter MCQ worksheet with answers key PDF to solve O Level Chemistry MCQ Test 3 for online classes. Practice kinetic theory MCQs, Particles of Matter MCQ questions and answers for placement and to prepare for job interview. Particles of Matter Interview Questions PDF: kinetic theory, change of state, o level chemistry: states of matter career test for two year degree programs.

"Sublimations are the substances which do not exist" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on particles of matter with choices in liquid state at ordinary pressures, at room temperature, in gaseous form at room temperatures, and in gaseous form at ordinary pressures for colleges that offer online classes. Learn kinetic theory quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for online college classes.

Particles of Matter Questions and Answers

MCQ: Sublimations are the substances which do not exist

at room temperature
in liquid state at ordinary pressures
in gaseous form at room temperatures
in gaseous form at ordinary pressures

MCQ: Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2(l)) is used in making

decaffeinated tea
decaffeinated coffee
fat-rich foods

MCQ: Data loggers are helpful in plotting a

heating curve only
cooling curve only
condensation curve
heating curve and cooling curve

MCQ: Greatest energy is found in the particles of the

diffusing particles

MCQ: The purity of a substance can be estimated through

boiling points only
melting points only
sublimation point
boiling and melting points