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Organizing Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 19

Organizing quiz questions and answers, organizing MCQs with answers PDF 19 to practice MBA project management mock tests for online graduate programs. Learn "Basic Management" quiz questions with answers, organizing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice management test with answers for MBA degree online. Free organizing MCQs, management of cash, management basics, management process, financial ratios, organizing test prep for global executive MBA.

"Staff departments are those departments that support the activities of the line departments. The major role of these departments is to provide assistance and counseling to the line departments. Staff department consists of", organizing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices accounting, sales, advertising, human resources, accounting, marketing, human resources, public relations, finance, sales, advertising, human resources, and manufacturing, sales, event planning, accounting for best business schools in the world. Learn basic management questions and answers to improve problem solving skills.

Quiz on Organizing PDF Download 19

Organizing Quiz

MCQ: Staff departments are those departments that support activities of line departments. major role of these departments is to provide assistance and counseling to line departments. Staff department consists of

  1. Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Public relations
  2. Accounting, Sales, Advertising, Human Resources
  3. Finance, Sales, Advertising, Human Resources
  4. Manufacturing, Sales, Event planning, Accounting


Financial Ratios Quiz

MCQ: Cash ratio is another tool for measuring liquidity of company. Current liabilities are compared against the

  1. Cash readily available in possession
  2. Cash in hand and cash at bank
  3. Cash, Cash equivalents and the funds invested
  4. Cash in bank and short term investments


Management Process Quiz

MCQ: Management process depends on how efficient and effective manager is. An effective manager is suppose to

  1. Identify the problems, analyze the situation, Propose the solution, monitor the progress, evaluate t
  2. Identify the problem, discussion with the employees, monitor the progress, evaluate the problem
  3. Identify the issue, Suggest treatment, postpone the project, discussion with employees
  4. Identify the issue, evaluate the resources, increase efficiency, increase the salaries


Management Basics Quiz

MCQ: Management can be defined as a way to achieve distinct goal or objective of organization using four basic tools which are

  1. Leading, Controlling, Implementing, Financing
  2. Planning, Implementing, Leading, Controlling
  3. Planning, Resourcing, Financing, Controlling
  4. Planning, Leading, Organizing, Controlling


Management of Cash Quiz

MCQ: Cash paid when acquiring an asset would be an example of

  1. Cash inflows
  2. Asset cost
  3. Cash outflows
  4. Cash deposit