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Management of Cash Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 26

Management of Cash quiz questions, management of cash multiple choice questions and answers PDF 26 to learn MBA project management course for online certification. Learn "Financial Management" quiz with answers, management of cash Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice management test with answers for MBA degree online. Free management of cash MCQs, stakeholders, competitive advantage, cash flows, financial ratios, management of cash test prep for top business schools.

"The state or point below which the it becomes difficult to boost the investors to invest in bonds because of too low interest rate is called", management of cash Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices cash reserving, bonding, liquidity trap, and cash budgeting for online degrees. Learn financial management questions and answers to improve problem solving skills.

Management of Cash Questions and Answers PDF Download 26

Management of Cash Quiz

MCQ: State or point below which it becomes difficult to boost investors to invest in bonds because of too low interest rate is called

  1. Bonding
  2. Cash reserving
  3. Liquidity trap
  4. Cash budgeting


Financial Ratios Quiz

MCQ: Inventory and marketable securities are examples of

  1. Current asset
  2. Assets
  3. Non current assets
  4. Intangible assets


Cash Flows Quiz

MCQ: Cash flow shows inflows and outflows of cash in an organization. A statement of cash flows comprises of

  1. 2 sections
  2. 3 sections
  3. 4 sections
  4. 5 sections


Competitive Advantage Quiz

MCQ: Every company needs to figure out what makes them unique and better than other companies working in same industry. An organization is better if it has a

  1. Better plan of action.
  2. Better group of skillful labor
  3. Bigger organizational setup
  4. Better competitive edge from the rest of the industry.


Stakeholders Quiz

MCQ: Satisfaction of stakeholders is very important for an organization. A stakeholder who is satisfied by working of organization may

  1. Part himself away from the organization
  2. Try to improve the working conditions in the organization
  3. Exhibit faithfulness and devotion towards the organization
  4. Use his power and authority