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Trigonometric Identities Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) PDF Download - 1

The Trigonometric Identities Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers PDF, Trigonometric Identities MCQs PDF e-Book download Ch. 13-1 to study College Math Course. Practice Triple Angle Identities MCQs, Trigonometric Identities trivia questions and answers PDF for free online college courses. The Trigonometric Identities MCQs App: Free download learning app for trigonometric identities, online math learning, basic trigonometry formulas, trigonometric ratios of allied angles career test to study online training courses.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ Quiz): Cos3α =; "Trigonometric Identities" App Download (Free) with answers: 4cos³α - 3cosα; 4sinα - 3sin³α; 3cos³α - 4cosα; 3sinα - 4sin³α; for free online college courses. Solve Examples of Permutation Quiz Questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) to learn free online courses.

Trigonometric Identities Questions and Answers PDF Download: MCQ Quiz 1

MCQ 1:

Cos3α =

  1. 4sinα - 3sin³α
  2. 4cos³α - 3cosα
  3. 3cos³α - 4cosα
  4. 3sinα - 4sin³α
MCQ 2:

Tan(α + β) =

  1. tanα-tanβ/1 + tanαtanβ
  2. tanα+tanβ/1 - tanαtanβ
  3. cotα+cotβ/1-cotαcotβ
  4. cotα-cotβ/1 + cotαcotβ
MCQ 3:

Cos(-435°) =

  1. cos15°
  2. −cos15°
  3. −sin15°
  4. sin15°
MCQ 4:

Cosθ + cosπ =

  1. −2sin(θ + π/2)sin(θ-π/2)
  2. 2cos(θ + π/2)sin(θ-π/2)
  3. 2cos(θ + π/2)cos(θ-π/2)
  4. None of Above
MCQ 5:

If tanθ < 0, sinθ < 0, then the terminal arm of the angle lies in the quadrant

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

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