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Money Market Securities Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 77

Practice Money Market Securities quiz questions, money market securities multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare finance exam worksheet 77 for online certificate programs. Practice "Money Markets" quiz with answers, money market securities Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online finance degree. Free money market securities MCQs, primary and secondary stock markets, repurchase agreement, types of international bonds, certificates of deposits, money market securities test prep for online college courses.

"The drafts which are backed up by banks and are payable to seller of products or services are classified as", money market securities Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices secured acceptance, banker acceptance, unsecured acceptance, and economic acceptance for online bachelor's degree in business administration. Learn money markets questions and answers with free online certification courses for accredited online business administration degree.

Money Market Securities Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Money Market Securities Quiz

MCQ: The drafts which are backed up by banks and are payable to seller of products or services are classified as

  1. banker acceptance
  2. secured acceptance
  3. unsecured acceptance
  4. economic acceptance


Certificates of Deposits Quiz

MCQ: The deposit issued by bank are usually negotiable and have specific maturity date and interest rate, hence it is classified as

  1. indirect certificate
  2. direct certificate
  3. negotiable certificate
  4. deposit certificate


Types of International Bonds Quiz

MCQ: The denominations in which Eurobonds are issued are

  1. $10000 and $20000
  2. $5000 and $10000
  3. $6000 and $11000
  4. $8000 and $15000


Repurchase Agreement Quiz

MCQ: The repurchase agreements having maturity of longer term have denominations of

  1. $40 million
  2. $10 million
  3. $20 million
  4. $30 million


Primary and Secondary Stock Markets Quiz

MCQ: The under writer spread is subtracted from gross proceeds to calculate

  1. Gross proceeds
  2. cumulative proceeds
  3. non-cumulative proceeds
  4. net proceeds