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FAQ: General Knowledge Test MCQs PDF Download eBook p. 78

Practice "General Knowledge Test MCQs" quiz PDF to solve college courses test 78 for medical and nursing interview questions. General knowledge test mcqs to solve general knowledge quiz with answers for online assessment test for jobs.

"Who discovered grapophone" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices charles summer tainter, charles a. bell, ottmar mergenthaler, and both a and b for college entrance examination. Learn inventions questions and answers with free online certification courses for tricky trivia questions.

Quiz on General Knowledge Test MCQs Worksheet PDF Download eBook 78

General Knowledge Test MCQs

MCQ: Who discovered the Grapophone?

  1. Charles A. Bell
  2. Charles Summer Tainter
  3. Ottmar Mergenthaler
  4. both a and b


GK Questions about Science and Technology

MCQ: Allergy is treated by

  1. antibiotic
  2. surgery
  3. antihistamine
  4. none of above


Classic Mix Of General Knowledge Questions

MCQ: Which acid produced when milk gets sour?

  1. lactic acid
  2. butyric acid
  3. acetic acid
  4. none of above


General Knowledge Short Questions and Answers

MCQ: Organic food includes

  1. fats
  2. vitamins
  3. proteins
  4. all of above


General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Interviews Preparation

MCQ: Cirrhosis is disease that affects

  1. liver
  2. brain
  3. lung
  4. heart