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The e-Book Basic Electronics Engineering Quiz with Answers, Basic Electronics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF download to learn online basic electronics courses. Practice Atomic Structure Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Basic Electronics quiz answers PDF for questions to ask in an interview. The eBook Basic Electronics Engineering Quiz with Answers App Download: electronics and communication multiple choice questions with answers, pn junction lab viva questions for competitive exams, electronics engineering interview questions, basic electronics questions and answers for interview test prep for associate degrees in engineering.

The MCQ: Number of proton in an atom is called PDF, "Basic Electronics Engineering Quiz with Answers" App Download (Free) with atomic number, base number, exponential number, and data number choices for questions to ask in an interview. Study basic electronics engineering quiz with answers quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online engineering programs.

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MCQ: Number of proton in an atom is called

A) atomic number
B) base number
C) exponential number
D) data number

MCQ: Smallest particle of element that contains unique characteristics of particle is called

A) electron
B) atom
C) mass
D) photon

MCQ: Free electron is termed as

A) bound electron
B) valence electron
C) conduction electron
D) orbit electron

MCQ: Result obtained when base of number is raised to a power equal to logarithm of that number is called

A) logarithm
B) antilogarithm
C) exponential
D) trigonometry

MCQ: Linear process in which a variable takes on a continuous set of values is

A) analog
B) digital

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