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Free Physics Placement Test 1 PDF Download eBook

Learn free physics placement test for free online placement test for college to practice physics test 1 to practice power MCQs. Free career assessment test questions with answers to practice job placement test on evaporation, frequency, light, transmission of sound, power MCQs for online colleges without application fee.

Practice power Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): The process that occurs within the whole liquid is known as, for competitive exams with choices: evaporation, boiling, vaporisation, latent fusion for certification exam prep for online colleges without application fee.

Physics Entry Test 1

Evaporation Quiz

MCQ: The process that occurs within the whole liquid is known as

  1. boiling
  2. evaporation
  3. vaporisation
  4. latent fusion


Frequency Quiz

MCQ: A wave takes 0.04 seconds to pass a certain point, the frequency of the wave should be

  1. 0.04 Hz
  2. 1.04 Hz
  3. 0.96 Hz
  4. 25 Hz


Introduction Quiz

MCQ: Objects that give off light are known to be

  1. non-luminouse objects
  2. luminous objects
  3. transparent objects
  4. opaque objects


Transmission of Sound Quiz

MCQ: The speed of sound is maximum in

  1. Air
  2. Liquids
  3. Solids
  4. Gel


Power Quiz

MCQ: An electric kettle is rated 2400 W, if it works for 20 seconds, the workdone by the kettle would be

  1. 48000 J
  2. 120 J
  3. 2420 J
  4. 2380 J