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Free Physics Placement Test 2 PDF Download eBook

Learn free physics placement test for free online placement test for college to practice physics test 2 to practice forces MCQs. Free career assessment test questions with answers to practice job placement test on sound, frequency, speed of sound, pressure in liquids, forces MCQs for online schools that offer scholarships.

Practice forces Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): Sound is a wave that contains, for competitive exams with choices: trough and compression, crest and rarefaction, compression and rarefaction, crests and troughs for certification exam prep for online schools that offer scholarships.

Physics Entry Test 2

Introduction Quiz

MCQ: Sound is a wave that contains

  1. crest and rarefaction
  2. trough and compression
  3. compression and rarefaction
  4. crests and troughs


Frequency Quiz

MCQ: Please fill in the blanks by choosing the right options: When water in a ponds moves from deeper to a shallower region, its frequency _____, wavelength _____ and speed _____.

  1. changes, changes, remains same
  2. changes, remains same, changes
  3. remains same, changes, changes
  4. remains same, remains same, changes


Speed of Sound Quiz

MCQ: The speed of sound in Solids is

  1. 330 m/s
  2. 0 m/s
  3. 5000 m/s
  4. 3000 m/s


Pressure in Liquids Quiz

MCQ: The quantity that is required to measure the pressure of liquids along with gravity and depth is

  1. Mass
  2. Density
  3. Volume
  4. Weight


Formula of Force Quiz

MCQ: Weight, Mass and Gravity are interlinked by the formula

  1. g=m/W
  2. m=g/W
  3. W=m+g
  4. W=mg