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Free Physics Placement Test 6 PDF Download eBook

Learn free physics placement test for free online placement test for college to practice physics test 6 to practice stability MCQs. Free career assessment test questions with answers to practice job placement test on refraction of light, heat capacity and internal energy, density, types of waves, stability MCQs for easy enrollment online colleges.

Practice stability Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): The ratio of sin of angle of incidence to the sin of angle of refraction is known as, for competitive exams with choices: incirefract index, sine ratio, refractive index, incidence-refraction ratio for certification exam prep for easy enrollment online colleges.

Physics Entry Test 6

Refraction of Light Quiz

MCQ: The ratio of sin of angle of incidence to the sin of angle of refraction is known as

  1. sine ratio
  2. incirefract index
  3. refractive index
  4. incidence-refraction ratio


Heat Capacity and Internal Energy Quiz

MCQ: A student heats 50 g of water in a container, the water in the container requires 6300 J of thermal energy to raise it from 30 °C to 60 °C. The thermal energy required to raise the temperature of 150 g of water from 30 ° to 40 ° should be

  1. 6300 J
  2. 630 J
  3. 2100 J
  4. 4200 J


Density Quiz

MCQ: 2 kg of water is poured in a bucket of volume 0.002 m3, the density of water in g/cm3 is

  1. 1 g/cm3
  2. 0.004 g/cm3
  3. 0.001 g/cm3
  4. 1000 g/com3


Types of Waves Quiz

MCQ: A wave that contains compressions and rarefactions is known as

  1. Transverse Wave
  2. Longitudinal Wave
  3. Paranormic Wave
  4. Electromagntic Wave


Stability Quiz

MCQ: Stability of an object depends on

  1. Base Area only
  2. Centre of Gravity only
  3. Centre of Mass only
  4. Base Area and Centre of Gravity both