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Free Physics Placement Test 4 PDF Download eBook

Learn free physics placement test for free online placement test for college to practice physics test 4 to practice forces and motion MCQs. Free career assessment test questions with answers to practice job placement test on lenses, forces, distance, time and speed, heat capacity and internal energy, forces and motion MCQs for financial aid for online classes.

Practice forces and motion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): The image formed by a concave lens is always, for competitive exams with choices: diminished, virtual, inverted, magnified, real, inverted, magnified, virtual, upright, magnified, real, upright for certification exam prep for financial aid for online classes.

Physics Entry Test 4

Lenses Quiz

MCQ: The image formed by a concave lens is always

  1. magnified, real, inverted
  2. diminished, virtual, inverted
  3. magnified, virtual, upright
  4. magnified, real, upright


Forces Quiz

MCQ: A labour pushes a box of mass 50 kg with a force of 20 N, the acceleration of the box would be

  1. 1000 m/s2
  2. 0.4 m/s2
  3. 400 m/s2
  4. 2.5 m/s2


Distance, Time and Speed Quiz

MCQ: The SI unit of distance is

  1. Centimetre
  2. Decimetre
  3. Metre
  4. Kilometre


Heat Capacity and Internal Energy Quiz

MCQ: The amount of energy required to raise the temperature of a substance by 1 K (1 °C) is known as

  1. Internal Energy
  2. Latent Heat
  3. Heat Capacity
  4. Specific Heat Capacity


Forces and Motion Quiz

MCQ: The force that opposes motion is

  1. Contact Force
  2. Resistance Only
  3. Friction only
  4. Tension only