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Math Practice Test 3 PDF Download eBook

Learn math practice test for online college degree programs, math entry test prep 3 to practice integers MCQs. Free career assessment test questions with answers to practice job placement test on fundamental algebra, area and perimeter, area and perimeter, rate, ratio and speed, integers MCQs to enroll in college online.

Practice integers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): By factorising -15+35x if possible, the answer should be, for competitive exams with choices: 15x-35, 15+35x, 5(-3+7x), 5(3-7x) for certification exam prep to enroll in college online.

Math Entry Test 3

Factorisation Quiz

MCQ: By factorising -15+35x if possible, the answer should be

  1. 15+35x
  2. 15x-35
  3. 5(-3+7x)
  4. 5(3-7x)


Area Quiz

MCQ: A rectangle has area of 200 cm2, a small piece of similar rectangle is cut from it, the ratio of the lengths of the rectangle is 5:2, the area of the remaining portion should be

  1. 32 cm2
  2. 120 cm2
  3. 80 cm2
  4. 168 cm2


Area Quiz

MCQ: A trapezium has a height of 5 cm and parallel sides of length 3 cm and 7 cm respectively. The area of the trapezium should be

  1. 50 cm2
  2. 25 cm2
  3. 75 cm2
  4. 20 cm2


Interest Quiz

MCQ: Franklin deposits $300 in a saver account, the rate of that particular account is 4% per year. The amount Franklin withdraws from his saver account after three years should be

  1. $336
  2. $264
  3. $304
  4. $296


Operating on Integers Quiz

MCQ: By evaluating (-3)2-(-3x4)+(3x52), the answer should be

  1. 96
  2. 72
  3. 54
  4. 78