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Physics: Career Placement Test 2 PDF Download eBook

Learn physics career placement test for online degree programs, physics assessment test 2 to practice kelvin and °celcius MCQs. Free career assessment test questions with answers to practice job placement test on applications of electromagnetic waves, frequency, speed, velocity and acceleration, latent heat, kelvin and °celcius MCQs for easy enrollment online colleges.

Practice kelvin and °celcius Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): The electromagnetic wave in the remote control of a television is, for competitive exams with choices: infra-red waves, radio waves, microwaves, ultraviolet rays for certification exam prep for easy enrollment online colleges.

Physics Entry Test 2

Applications of Electromagnetic Waves Quiz

MCQ: The electromagnetic wave in the remote control of a television is

  1. Radio waves
  2. Infra-red waves
  3. Microwaves
  4. Ultraviolet rays


Frequency Quiz

MCQ: The formula in which frequency, wavelenght and speed are interlinked should be

  1. f=v/λ
  2. v=f/λ
  3. v=λ/f
  4. f=λxv


Speed, Velocity and Acceleration Quiz

MCQ: Which one of the following is a scalar quantity

  1. Speed
  2. Velocity
  3. Acceleration
  4. Displacement


Latent Heat Quiz

MCQ: The amount of heat released or absorbed by 1 kg of a substance to change its state without a change in temperature is known as

  1. Latent Heat
  2. Specific Heat Capacity
  3. Specific Latent Heat
  4. Latent Heat of Fusion


Kelvin and °Celcius Quiz

MCQ: The absolute zero temperature .i.e 0 K, is converted to Celsius and the solution is

  1. 273 °C
  2. −273 °C
  3. 0 °C
  4. 1 °C