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Prototyping Model Practice Test PDF Download - 30

Practice Prototyping Model mock test for exam, prototyping model MCQ with answers PDF to solve software engineering worksheet 30 for online past papers exam. Practice "Process Models" trivia questions and answers, prototyping model Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve software engineering test with answers for online information technology degree. Free prototyping model MCQs, MCQs, technology domains, artificial intelligence software, software definition, process framework, prototyping model test prep for CS certifications.

"Model which include set of general objectives for software is", prototyping model Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices prototyping model, spiral model, concurrent development model, and discontinuous model for computer technology degree online. Learn process models questions and answers with free online certification courses for IT certifications.

Trivia Quiz on Prototyping Model PDF Download 30

Prototyping Model Quiz

MCQ: Model which include set of general objectives for software is

  1. spiral model
  2. prototyping model
  3. concurrent development model
  4. discontinuous model


Process Framework Quiz

MCQ: Engineering action encompasses a set of work tasks that lead to the creation of analysis model is

  1. analysis
  2. design
  3. assessment
  4. develop


Software Definition Quiz

MCQ: Software are the documents that describes the operation and use of the

  1. bus
  2. memory
  3. program
  4. hardware


Artificial Intelligence Software Quiz

MCQ: Software which makes use of non numerical algorithms to solve complex problems that are not amenable to computation or straight forward analysis are

  1. artificial Intelligence software
  2. system software
  3. engineering software
  4. product line software


Technology Domains Quiz

MCQ: Object oriented systems are built by technology targeted at

  1. application domain
  2. broad based
  3. technology domain
  4. broad band