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Semantic Web Rules Language (SWRL) Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 61

Practice Semantic Web Rules Language (SWRL) quiz questions and answers PDF, semantic web rules language (swrl) trivia questions to solve semantic web worksheet 61 for online certification exam. Practice Logic and Inference Rules quiz questions with answers, semantic web rules language (swrl) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online information technology degree. Free semantic web rules language (swrl) MCQs, structuring of xml language, applications of semantic web, semantic web rules language (swrl) test prep for online computer engineering programs.

"DLP takes advantages of both languages", semantic web rules language (swrl) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices swrl and description logic, horn logic and swrl, description logic and function-free rules, and horn logic and function-free rules for master's degree in computer science.

Quiz on Semantic Web Rules Language (SWRL) PDF Download 61

Semantic Web Rules Language (SWRL) Quiz

MCQ: DLP takes advantages of both languages

  1. Horn Logic and SWRL
  2. SWRL and description logic
  3. description logic and function-free rules
  4. Horn logic and function-free rules


Applications of Semantic Web Quiz

MCQ: The acronym for AAT is

  1. Artistic Thesaurus
  2. Architecture Thesaurus
  3. Art and Architecture Thesaurus
  4. An Artistic Thesaurus


Applications of Semantic Web Quiz

MCQ: The demand for the Elsevier is

  1. vertical problem
  2. non-vertical problem
  3. non-horizontal problem
  4. horizontal problem


Structuring of XML Language Quiz

MCQ: A value type that is used to show optional occurrence of an attribute for each element in XML document is denoted by

  1. value
  4. #FIXED


Today Web Quiz

MCQ: The results generated from current Web search is

  1. not sensitive to vocabulary
  2. is most relevant
  3. accurate
  4. single Web pages