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Ontology Engineering Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 67

Practice Ontology Engineering quiz questions and answers PDF, ontology engineering trivia questions to solve semantic web worksheet 67 for online certification exam. Practice Ontology Engineering quiz questions with answers, ontology engineering Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online information technology degree. Free ontology engineering MCQs, from today web to semantic web, rdf schema: language, introduction to xml, monotonic rules, ontology engineering test prep for applied computer science.

"AAT is used in", ontology engineering Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices cultural domain, medical domain, geographical domain, and computer domain for online college classes.

Quiz on Ontology Engineering PDF Download 67

Ontology Engineering Quiz

MCQ: AAT is used in

  1. medical domain
  2. cultural domain
  3. geographical domain
  4. computer domain


Monotonic Rules Quiz

MCQ: A proof can get by negating the goal for the goal's answer is called

  1. proof by intersection
  2. proof by union
  3. proof by contradiction
  4. proof by injection


Introduction to XML Quiz

MCQ: The SGML was an international standard called

  1. ISO 8779
  2. ISO 8879
  3. ISO 8799
  4. ISO 8877


RDF Schema: Language Quiz

MCQ: In RDFS to use core property of specifying range of an object, the element used is

  1. rdfs:range
  2. rdf:Property
  3. rdfs:Class
  4. rdfs:Resource


From Today Web to Semantic Web Quiz

MCQ: N Semantic Web, the information will be positioned in conceptual places according to its

  1. order
  2. size
  3. format
  4. meaning