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Date and Time Functions Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 75

Date and Time Functions interview questions and answers, date and time functions trivia questions PDF 75 to practice PHP exam questions for online classes. Practice PHP Filesystem MCQ questions, date and time functions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Date and Time Functions Interview Questions PDF: using web server logs, basic php constructs for oop, heredoc syntax, substring selection, date and time functions test prep to learn online certificate courses.

"Mktime ( ) function allows you to convert any date into a" MCQ PDF with choices characters, string, timestamp, and none of them for computer information science. Learn php filesystem questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for computer software engineer online degree.

Trivia Quiz on Date and Time Functions MCQs

MCQ: Mktime ( ) function allows you to convert any date into a

None of them

MCQ: Which three functions has intimate relationship with each other?

char ( ), str ( ), pos ( )
strchar ( ), strcpp ( ), char ( )
substr ( ), strstr ( ), strpos ( )
None of them

MCQ: Which syntax is very useful for specifying large chunks of interpolated variable text?

Single quoted strings
Double quoted strings
Heredoc syntax
Concatenation syntax

MCQ: Namespaces defines a area in which an identifier is

Same type
None of them

MCQ: The response code 200 series indicates

Client side error
Server side error