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PHP Passing Variables Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF p. 1

PHP Passing Variables multiple choice questions and answers, PHP Passing Variables quiz answers PDF to solve php test 1 for online certification. Solve php superglobal arrays MCQs, PHP Passing Variables Trivia Questions and answers for placement and to prepare for job interview. PHP Passing Variables MCQ PDF: php superglobal arrays, get arguments, php exam questions career test for software engineering online courses.

"For accessing global variables anywhere from the script, PHP uses" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on php passing variables with choices functions, get and post methods, superglobal arrays, and none of them for BSc computer science. Practice php superglobal arrays quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for jobs' assessment test and online courses for software engineering online courses.

MCQs on PHP Passing Variables Quiz

MCQ: For accessing global variables anywhere from the script, PHP uses

Get and Post Methods
Superglobal Arrays
None of them

MCQ: Which method passes the arguments from one page to the next as a part of uniform resource indicator?

Post method
Get method
Parsing method
None of them

MCQ: There are how many main methods for passing information between web pages and server

2 methods
3 methods
4 methods
A lot of methods

MCQ: $GLOBALS, $_SERVER, $_REQUEST, $_POST, $_GET, $_FILES, $_COOKIE, $_SESSION all are example of

Super array
Global variables
Local variables
None of them

MCQ: Which method is not suitable for logins because it stores the data in client browsers memory?

Post method
Put method
Get method
Set method

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