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File Reading and Writing Functions MCQ with Answers PDF

File Reading and Writing Functions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), File Reading and Writing Functions quiz answers PDF with php live worksheets for online degrees. Solve php filesystem Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), File Reading and Writing Functions quiz questions for bachelor's degree in computer science. File Reading and Writing Functions Interview Questions: file reading and writing functions, filesystem and directory functions test prep for online college classes.

"The file_get_contents function returns the entire contents of a file as" MCQ PDF on file reading and writing functions with choices integer, string, character, and none of them for bachelor's degree in computer science. Solve file reading and writing functions quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online computer science and engineering.

MCQs on File Reading and Writing Functions Quiz

MCQ: The file_get_contents function returns the entire contents of a file as

None of them

MCQ: Any string can be broken up into an array by using

file ( ) function
explode ( ) function
xplode ( ) function
Both A and B

MCQ: If you would like to read a file character by character which function do you use?

fopen ( )
fread ( )
fgetc ( )
file ( )

MCQ: The function fread ( ) has

2 Parameters
3 Parameters
4 Parameters

MCQ: Unlike fopen ( ), the result of fclose ( ) does not need to be assigned

To a variable
To a string
To a function
To a parameter

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