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Storage Device Types Quiz Questions and Answers p. 130

Practice Storage device types quiz questions and answers PDF, storage device types MCQ with answers worksheet 130 for online past papers exam. Practice "Data Storage" quiz questions with answers, storage device types Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online . Free storage device types MCQs, word processing elements, computer keyboard, file transfer protocol (ftp), windows xp, storage device types test prep for online college courses.

"A storage device for multimedia is", storage device types Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices dvd/bd, cam, hard disk, and emulation for online computer engineering programs. Learn data storage questions and answers with free online certification courses for online bachelor's degree computer science.

Quiz on Storage Device Types


A storage device for multimedia is

hard disk


Two ways to arrange multiple windows on the desktop are

drag and drop
point and click
cascade and tile
minimize and maximize


Anonymous file transfer is best used for

distributing freeware
distributing email
file compression
distributing groupware


To open a selected drop-down list, keys used are

Shift + down arrow
Alt + right arrow
Ctrl + down arrow
Alt + down arrow


Operation which is performed when we need to move a block of text is called

copy and paste
cut and paste
paste and delete
paste and cut