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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) MCQ with Answers PDF

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) quiz answers PDF with computer basics live worksheets for online degrees. Solve internet technology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) quiz questions for online computer science engineering. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Interview Questions: network and internet protocols, searching web, using e-mail test prep for CS major.

"All of the following are modes of a standard graphical FTP client, except" MCQ PDF on file transfer protocol (ftp) with choices auto, binary, gif, and ascii for online computer science engineering. Solve file transfer protocol (ftp) quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online college classes.

MCQs on File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Quiz

MCQ: All of the following are modes of a standard graphical FTP client, except


MCQ: All of the following are commonly used file compression utility, except


MCQ: Anonymous file transfer is best used for

distributing freeware
distributing email
file compression
distributing groupware

MCQ: FTP is built on the architecture


MCQ: UNIX ftp command which is used to list the directory contents of the remote machine is


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